We can highly recommend Probus as a trusted contractor for an educational environment.
We have used Probus for two projects, one for a stand alone building that we use for Before and After School club call “The Hive” and a second smaller project but perhaps more difficult to add an Immersive Classroom and 4 offices to the existing building.
Probus staff are outstanding.

For us, and the success of the first project, made it easier to choose this trusted contractor.
They met with school staff, governors, and our Architect at the beginning of works to unsure we would get the space we needed and thereafter met every month for an agenda meeting which was very professional and included:

  • Safeguarding
  • Site security and use of site
  • Logistics for deliveries and movement of stock, waste, and comfort cabin
  • Health and Safety
  • Reports and Timelines
  • Original quotes, ongoing costs, and update on changes
  • Building regulations compliance

 We would unreservedly recommend Probus.

All Saint’s Church of England
Primary School
Dogsthorpe, Peterborough

After acquiring existing nurseries for many years, our new site in Stanground was the first time that we were building a brand new nursery from scratch. As newcomers to construction projects, we could not have asked for a better contractor than Probus.
The entire team – both on site and in the office – were very visible, meaning that we always knew who to talk to when we had questions or wanted to make alterations. The team went out of their way to build a good relationship with us, so that when any issues arose we could discuss them openly and professionally.
The team on site were particularly welcoming and Mike’s openness whenever we visited gave us confidence that the works were in good hands.
We were very clear that we needed the site handed over to us in time for the start of the September term and the team went out of their way to make sure this was possible. Even when it seemed like a variety of external delays were going to scupper this, we were impressed by the work that Probus put in that ensured we opened on time.

We were really pleased by the quality of the work carried out by Probus. The building was built to a high standard, which explains some of its popularity with our customers. Post construction, Probus have been proactive in dealing with snags, meaning that we’re able to focus on making the new nursery a success rather than worrying about the building.

There is no doubt that we would be happy to work with Probus on future projects.
Dan Slipper (MD)

Alpha Kindergarten Stanground

I just wanted to thank you to your team for the great job you did at the school in refurbishing the existing classrooms to create New Music rooms. As you know this was the first phase of [our project] to introduce international boarding into the school and relocate many of the school departments so that the synergy between the subjects could be enhanced.  Although this was the smaller of the planned projects with the creation of 3 classrooms, the short time scale was critical to us being able to achieve the desired moves for the various departments to start the process. Of all the projects we had planned this was the one that I felt had  such a tight time scale that I was not sure we would be able to achieve this over the Easter Holidays to a point where we were able to teach from the rooms as soon as we returned from the Holidays. To achieve this I needed your team to fully prepared to start work on day1 and not take a few days to set up site and familiarise themselves with the work and the building, so it was good to see that all this had happened before the holiday, and at the end of day 2 you had all the demolition completed and had started to erect new stud walls.

It was even better to return to find that not only could we teach from the spaces but there were no defects and the space looked amazing. It really showed the teaching staff what we hoped to achieve for the rest of the school and really created a buzz around the school.

Local school after completing music room project

Please thank the team for the work they did in creating the new Humanities Hub, as you know the original idea was to demolish the Mobile classrooms and bring in some new temporary modular classrooms, but the cost of this was prohibitive. By working with Probus we were able to prepare a scheme that enabled us to retain the old Mobiles and completely refurbish them, for less than half the cost of new mobiles.

The results achieved have been amazing, staff hated the idea of working in these classrooms as they had always been considered the worse spaces and were only used for after school clubs. But now this has become one of the favourite teaching locations. The new style classrooms and Harkness teaching spaces have worked really well. Once again you managed to complete all the works in the tight deadline, even though I cut 3 weeks of your proposed construction period to enable us to move departments out of other classrooms and generate the vacant spaces needed for the following phases. This was always a part of the school the Head avoided on the school tours with prospective parents, now it is one of the highlights and is no longer referred to as the mobiles as they look so good.

Local school upon completion of their mobile classrooms

Steve please thank the team for a great Job again at the school in the final phase of this years project. The New Hazel Boarding house conversion and the new Dwight 6th form centre needed to be completed in parallel so that we were able to move the 6th form and create the new boarding house. Again the time scales were very tight on both projects, initially we had given you the whole of the summer holidays to achieve both projects, but then we decided we needed them both completed by the second week of August to allow the head to give tours of the new spaces to prospective boarders and 6th form pupils, on exam results day, which again took 3 weeks of the programme. Once again you achieved this for us and we had expected that the projects might only be partially completed for this date, but the team really worked hard on this to make the project 100% complete. This has meant the 6th form is now the largest it has ever been, because the spaces now available to them for study is greater than we have ever been able to offer them. The boarding house is also a great achievement as although this was a relatively new building, we did not therefore expect the wiring to be so poorly installed that we needed to carry out major rewiring of some areas, and the heating system  upgrade required a lot of new pipework installed, all this resulted in major access problems which created additional works for the plasterers and decorators. To run both projects at the same time required excellent resource management and to achieve both projects to such a high standard on time showed how well your whole team works together to achieve the end results.

We will always be happy to show any of your prospective clients around the school and the work you have completed for us and if you ever require letters of reference The Headmaster, The Bursar and the Chair of Governors have all been so impressed with what you have achieved at the school they would all be prepared to endorse this.

Local school’s kind accolade upon completing their new 6th form centre & boarding house

[We have] recently completed a new IT & Design Centre for the use of pupils across the age ranges and also to give a service facility to house IT specialist staff.

The Centre boasts age-specific teaching rooms (Junior and Senior), a conditioned server room, reception and IT Staff work area, alongside toilet and storage facilities. In accordance with the School’s Accessibility Plan, the building has been made disabled accessible. Throughout the duration of the project, Probus liaised with the client well, managed expectations realistically and responded very willingly to the demands of the end-user. Given the facility’s intended use, much work was done with external third-parties on the interior design elements and built-in custom furniture; the interplay of these specialists with the building work was accommodated with great ease and willingness by Probus. Probus discharged all associated work with building control, planning and CDM, much to the convenience of the client. The project was completed on-budget and, critically given the constraints of school term-time, on-schedule. Snagging, which was very limited indeed, was conducted promptly.

The School looks forward to working with Probus again on future projects.

Local School upon completion of their new IT suite

With the ongoing success and expansion of the two companies under [our] brand, it was important for us to expand the office and give our staff a modern working environment and customers a friendly and inviting place to visit. We were fortunate enough to give the building contract to Probus who exceeded all expectation. Providing excellent customer relations, the onsite representative was friendly, professional and ensured all work was completed on time and to an excellent quality. Any problems were handled with the upmost professionalism and attended to immediately.

I am most satisfied with all works carried out and will be using Probus for all future works at [our] offices.

Flooring specialists kind accolade upon completion of their new steel frame building


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